Apply Now and Never Look Back!

By Jennifer Long

croI joined DePaul in the fall of 2013 in the Office of Advancement, on a team that works to develop special gifts from individual donors by encouraging philanthropy to a variety of initiatives. As you might guess, this externally facing job is rather autonomous and does not require much engagement across the university.

Though you never forget you’re working to support students and programming through fundraising, you can sometimes feel disconnected from the DePaul community while traveling to meet donors. Being housed in an administrative building in the Loop doesn’t help either, as it’s not strictly a DePaul building.

The DePaul Women’s Network was just what I needed to feel more connected.

It took me too long to discover it. I believe the first email that caught my attention was one regarding an improv session on public speaking. I wasn’t bold enough at the time to attend, but I did quickly start my application for the Service and Outreach team and added the Women’s Convocation—honoring 10 years of DePaul Women’s Network—to my calendar.

DWN quickly allowed me to grow in my understanding of the amazing university I had been fundraising for, to understand the breadth of experiences of DePaul women, to learn about how other women were managing their careers, and to learn new skills myself.

The Service and Outreach team—one of five you can serve on as a team member or director—plans events such as the High Tea with St. Louise de Marillac. Joining this team made me feel like I was making a direct impact on the DePaul and surrounding community, and gave me the opportunity to develop additional skills in event planning and coordination. It only required a few more hours monthly than the members-at-large membership group (no team designation). I was pleased my application was accepted and that I was able to participate for the next year. My connections quickly grew through my collaborations with other team members and members at large.

Unfortunately, due to enrolling in a graduate program, I decided to step back from the team role to serve as a member at large in late 2015. However, I’ve still remained connected by participating in a variety of DWN events, including the annual High Tea and the Interactive Art events, and I look forward to attending the more casual ones, such as the regular coffee and happy hours.

In November of 2015, one of the tragic bereavement notices we all receive in our inboxes, referenced a loss I was experiencing. When I returned to the office, I had interoffice mail in the form of letters and gifts from women I had met through DePaul Women’s Network, and even the Service and Outreach team, from which I had recently stepped down. That outpouring of support is yet another example of the benefit of connecting with the beautiful, wonderful women at DePaul and in DWN.

I would encourage every woman to consider what the DePaul Women’s Network might offer their DePaul experience (and beyond!), and how they might like to participate. DePaul University is a place where people grow, and DWN helps connect women throughout that process. Apply now and never look back!

Recruitment for 2017-18 team members and directors is open until April 7, 2017. Click here to apply.

Jennifer Long is a DWN member at large and an assistant director of development for DePaul’s Richard H. Driehaus College of Business.

Why DWN? I’ll Tell You…

 Great WallBy Deirdre Laverdiere

In the autumn of 2015, I started working at DePaul as a temporary employee while a woman was out on maternity leave. When I was offered a position to stay on full-time, I was thrilled. I loved working at DePaul but did not know anyone outside of my department.

My first DWN event was High Tea with Louise where I met some wonderful women who shared their experiences in and out of the university.  Right then I decided to see how I could become more involved.

I have a history of volunteering for women’s business groups; in my previous career I served on many different levels of an organization and enjoyed every minute. I found it very fulfilling to give a portion of my time to helping bring women together. I knew DWN would give me the same satisfaction and the women at DePaul have not let me down.

I started my DWN experience on the Programming team. In my first year, I helped put together the fitness event and Women of Substance event. For the fitness event, a fellow Programming team member and I were able to attach the event to HR’s Vin-cent$ Program. A wonderful campaign designed to help put money back in employee’s wallets for healthy activities.

In November 2016, while on the Programming team, I was approached to step up and head the Membership and Engagement team, which focuses on events designed for DWN members only.  (While anyone can attend an event, only members receive the invitation.) I was excited for the opportunity and since taking the lead as director, the team and I have held a night at the theater showcasing the students’ production of “We are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia”. In the spring of 2017, we will be hosting a wine tasting event, learning from a sommelier how to pair wine and food together. Keep your eye out for the details coming soon.

One of the things I love about DWN is there is something for everyone, no matter your interest. Your level of involvement is up to you. The first step is joining the league of spectacular women who make up DWN. There are five different teams and I know there is one that will be a great fit for all women at DePaul –

  • Programming
  • Membership and Engagement
  • Operations
  • Service and Outreach
  • Marketing and Communications

There are three levels for you to consider: Member at large, great for the woman who wants to dip her toe but not sure of her time commitment; Team member, join one of the terrific teams and help out in your area of interest; Director, lead one of the teams and meet with the other directors on a monthly basis. Registration is now open for 2017-18 team members and directors.

It is extremely easy to apply and should only take a few minutes to become part of this phenomenal group. As a reminder, current team members must reapply if they wish to stay on their team next year, try out a different team or step up to one of the two director positions that are currently open.

Please click here to sign up today – DWN Team Member or Director. Applications to be a team member or director will be accepted until April 7, 2017.

Deirdre Laverdiere is the director of membership and engagement for DWN and the program partner director for the Center for Sales Leadership at DePaul.

Learn, Network, Grow – Join DWN in 2016-2017

By Jennifer Roop

Roop headshot

In spring 2012, after nearly two years of working at DePaul, I found myself at a crossroads. I was about to finish my master’s program, which had been keeping me busy and helping me feel more connected to the university. I decided to devote my newfound time to DePaul in a different way, by joining the DePaul Women’s Network (DWN). Now, four years later, I’m still happy to be involved in DWN and I want to encourage other DePaul women to join the Network for our coming service year.

My Journey with DWN

I had been seeing emails from DWN about opportunities, so I decided to apply to a position where I could use my writing and editing skills. I started as a communications co-chair and moved into a director role the next year when we shifted to the structure in place today. My time heading a DWN team helped me gain leadership skills, which helped me grow professionally and move up to a manager position in a new department.

I have met so many different, interesting women through the Network. Each year our recruitment push brings in new faces and ideas that make me energized for what lies ahead. That excitement has inspired me to step up my commitment each successive year. Now, heading into DWN’s 2016-17 service year as president, I’m looking forward to a whole new set of challenges and even more growth.

How DWN Can Help You

Everyone’s experience with DWN is different and can inspire growth on both a personal and professional level. You may want to join to:

  • Learn new skills. Is your regular job in accounting or administration but you want to learn about event planning? Join the Programming team! Would you like to gain managerial skills but you don’t oversee anyone at DePaul? Apply to be a director!
  • Meet women from across the university. While DWN has programs focused on personal and professional development, there is also a fun, social aspect. Being on a team is a great way to connect with women from various departments and roles.
  • Feel more connected to DePaul. DWN members get to plan events that bring the DePaul community together, from faculty forums to our yearly Women of Spirit and Action Awards and High Tea with Saint Louise. As an Employee Resource Group, DWN also works with other groups on university initiatives such as the Diversity and Inclusion Forum.

How You Can Get Started

Once you’re ready to share your time and talents with DWN, applying is easy. All staff and faculty women at DePaul are welcome, whether you’re full- or part-time staff or faculty. You can learn about all of the ways to participate by reviewing our practice areas and positions below.

  • Team Member: You can join as a team member within 1 of 5 areas: Operations, Membership & Engagement, Service & Outreach, Programming, and Marketing & Communications.
  • Director: One director leads each practice area, and all directors meet together monthly to discuss DWN’s overall direction. This year there are open director spots for Operations, Membership & Engagement and Service & Outreach.
  • M@L: If you want to learn about DWN with a lower time commitment, a Member-at-Large position might be for you. Stay tuned, as this option will have a separate sign-up process in fall 2016.

This year, it’s easier than ever to apply: Just fill out the online application, which takes less than 10 minutes. Unlike last year, you don’t need to include a resume or your supervisor’s email (though you should discuss your DWN involvement with them). We want to make joining DWN as easy as possible.

What’s Next?

DWN has grown through the years and is still expanding. I invite you to join and see how the Network can help you learn, network and grow. And if you know a woman in your department or your circle of friends at DePaul who would be interested, please encourage her to join as well! DWN grows most by word of mouth.

DWN recruitment is open until Friday, April 1. Click here to apply now!


Jennifer Roop is the incoming DWN president and the Marketing & Communications Manager in the Department of Housing Services at DePaul.

Join DWN Now—Here’s Why!

Shea Wolfe
Shea Wolfe, DWN 2015-16 President

By Shea Wolfe

As a new staff member coming to DePaul in Spring 2013 from a smaller institution, the university felt very large to me. While I was comfortable within my departmental team and division of Student Affairs, I felt like I wasn’t taking advantage of the networks of people within the campus community that I knew existed and whom I felt might share similar personal and professional interests. I also knew I wasn’t going to find these folks by sitting in my office and waiting for them to come to me, so it was time to go out and do some networking. For an introvert like myself, that’s not always the easiest thing to do, but when I began asking others how to get involved and which organization was doing great things on this campus, the answer always came back around to the DePaul Women’s Network.

While I thought I’d just initially join as a team member, there was an opportunity to take a leadership role within the newly developed Learning & Engagement team (now renamed Membership & Engagement). I decided to step up to the plate because I figured the team was new, I was new, and no one would be any wiser! I found my first year in DWN to be an exhilarating ride and one that I would grow fond of during my tenure. I appreciated getting to know women from other departments and areas that I would never have had a chance to speak with had it not been for DWN. Those meetings became a focal point for me and a place where I could truly be comfortable. When the time came to decide what role I wanted to play for the 2014-15 service year, I once again found myself stepping up to the plate as the Executive Vice President/President-Elect. I am grateful for what DWN has done for the DePaul community, and for myself, and have been honored to play a role in the leadership development of this network.

DWN recently opened applications for membership in the 2015-16 service year. Just as I did when looking to get involved, I would encourage each of you to think about your own personal and professional goals while you’re at DePaul:

  • What is it that you want to do and be while you’re here?
  • What skills do you want to obtain?
  • How can you help yourself get to the next level?

And while you’re thinking about and answering these questions, I would ask you to think about what role DWN could play. There are two ways to participate in DWN: Become a director (this year for the Marketing & Communications or Programming team), or join as a team member within 1 of 5 areas. Each of our teams—Operations, Membership & Engagement, Service & Outreach, Programming, and Marketing & Communications—brings something special to the Network. In addition, the varied types of teams mean you can help out using skills you already have or learn something new. Once you learn more on DWN’s website, applying is as easy as filling out an online application.

I encourage you to consider stepping up to the plate—I know I’m glad I did.

DWN recruitment is open until Monday, April 6. Click here to apply now!

Community Is My Ultimate Reward

For Women’s History Month this March, DWN invited a variety guest authors to share their insights. Read on to see why #DePaulWomenRock!

Laura Durnell
Laura Durnell

By Laura Durnell

Since Autumn 2000, I have taught at DePaul as contingent part-time faculty. I enjoy teaching at DePaul and am inspired by its intelligent and remarkable faculty, student and staff body. As a bonus, DePaul treats its adjunct faculty better than many higher education institutions. Yet even though DePaul made me feel welcome and I had made friends with adjuncts, one feeling remained: isolation.

Adjuncts are jokingly referred to as “Roads Scholars” because we often teach at more than one college. Since graduating with my MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute, I have taught at Roosevelt University, the Graham School of General Studies at the University of Chicago, and Wilbur Wright College in addition to DePaul. Because of the lack of job and income security for adjuncts, teaching at other institutions or working at other jobs is a necessity. And because of not being secured to one university or college, it’s too easy to become disconnected from not only other faculty members but staff and administration as well. Too many times over the past 15 years, I have had other faculty members, part-time and full-time, in my departments ask, “Who are you?”

When I received DWN’s email last year inviting me to apply for membership, I knew DWN would provide the community I needed. In addition, I became excited that DWN would recognize and let me apply my talents and knowledge. Months before DWN’s invitation, I had attended the DWN events “Life on the Academic Ladder” and “Yes, You Can!” with financial planner and author Julie Murphy Casserly. Not only did these events provide fellowship and collegiality  (at “Life on the Academic Ladder” I even reunited with my fellow American Society of Magazine Editors intern who is now a tenure-track English professor at DePaul, Rebecca Johns-Trissler), but they recognized what female faculty and staff offered and needed in terms of professional and personal development.

I am a member of DWN’s Communications Team, which allows me to utilize and further develop my writing skills, most notably writing for the digital age. This year I have written a promotional email and a blog post for “Image/ing Gender.” I invited some of my fellow adjuncts to the event, and one who attended plans to apply for DWN membership for the coming year. One of my application’s goals for 2013-14 stated that I wanted to welcome more adjuncts into DWN. I think I am fulfilling my objective.

Yet community is my ultimate reward. In addition to working with my team, I have met and worked with staff and faculty on other teams and members of DWN’s directorate. Two members who work outside my academic department even requested that we meet for coffee to discuss writing. If I had not applied to be part of DWN, I would have never met these amazing women, and they definitely would not have asked me out for coffee to talk shop. As our Twitter hashtag proclaims, #DePaulWomenRock!

Laura Durnell is a member of DWN’s Communications team and is an adjunct in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Department at DePaul University.

(Learn more about being part of the DePaul Women’s Network during recruitment for 2014-15. Applications are being accepted now until April 4!)

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

DWN President Joy Boggs
Joy Boggs, DWN President 2013-14

Happy New Year, Network!

When think of all our DePaul Women’s Network has accomplished in our first six months together, I get giddy–no, like downright giddy. We’ve done some extraordinary things, you and I, and did them in short order. Can you imagine that prior to our service year, July 1, 2013, DWN had less than 15 members? Now look at us–we’re over three times the size and our advisory council grew from two to 12 all within a three-month recruitment window.

In my book, tripling your size counts as an amazing accomplishment, and it makes me glad that our phenomenal growth was the first of our many achievements. (Trust me on this, we are racking up a really great list.) Here are some quick highlights of what we’ve done so far:

  1. We deepened our relationship with our sister affinity groups and with the President’s Diversity Council.
  2. We cultivated new partnerships with departments, groups and academic units from across the university.
  3. We diversified our programming and brought in industry leaders to speak on hot topics (remember Connie Lindsey’s speech?).
  4. We delivered value by creating opportunities for DePaul Women to connect and share experiences and best practices.

The old saying is true: Time does fly when you’re having fun. It is my hope that you are having as much fun as I am, if not more, because I’m having the time of my life and I owe my experience to you. The energy and commitment you bring to our Network inspires me to do my all and to finish this year on a high note. Speaking of which, pull out your calendars–you’ll need them:

  1. A Conversation for Leadership (January 31 In-Service): One of the benefits to being a member of the team is our quarterly in-service program. Joining us at our second gathering will be five senior women leaders empaneled who will share parts of their professional story. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
  2. Diversity Showcase (February 25): If you enjoyed the Louise de Marillac Women of Spirit & Action Awards, then mark your calendar for this event. Our Network, in partnership with our sister affinity groups (DPUBLC, LEAD, ELEVATE, and the LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network), will host the President’s Diversity Council’s first ever Diversity Showcase. The showcase will be a morning of meaningful dialogues designed to spark new learning about what it means to be a member of our DePaul family.
  3. Women’s History Month (March): Get ready to celebrate as our Network does something special with a targeted series honoring women of diverse cultures. Stay tuned to social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for more details.
  4. Calling the Next Generation of Leaders (April): We round into spring with our annual call for new team members. What does it mean to be a member of DWN? For me and the Directorate, membership means that you willingly contribute your time and your talent to shape DWN’s agenda and to execute Network activities. As you know, DWN programs are open to all DePaul Women and sometimes to men as well. The Network welcomes members of our DePaul family; however, membership is an active responsibility. If you are a DePaul Woman, whether faculty or staff, adjunct or part-timer, and are looking to deepen your relationship with DWN, I invite you to learn more about how you can get involved.

We began the 2013-14 service year out with a huge goal, one worthy of our team: Transform the Network. I’m so glad to report that we’ve made great strides to move our Network from an extracurricular activity into a co-curricular project.

Keep up the good work, everyone. I look forward to seeing you at our next event, and I if I don’t see you in person, I hope to see you out on social media.

All the best,


Joy Boggs is President of DePaul Women’s Network for 2013-14 and is Business Manager for the Office of the General Counsel at DePaul University.

There’s Still Time to Join DWN!

If you want to share you talents with the DePaul Women’s Network in the coming year but missed our earlier recruitment deadlines, don’t fret: there’s still time!

Thinking about joining DWN but not sure where you fit? Join the Mission & Service team. Mission & Service keeps our Vincentian and Catholic heritage alive by actively seeking out service partnerships and service opportunities within and outside of the DePaul community.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then join the Outreach team. Outreach is our resident “fun squad” (who couldn’t use a little fun?). Outreach supports our overall mission of connecting DePaul women faculty and staff through informal networking events. If you consider yourself high energy and love meeting new people, this is the team for you.

Don’t like either of those options? Join the Events team. Events is responsible for our annual Women’s Conference and Women of Spirit and Action Awards. If you thought last year’s conference was good, wait until next year’s conference.

Basic stuff: DWN doesn’t ask members to pay dues. Instead we ask that you contribute your time and your talents to our work. The average member spends about an hour a week on DWN activities. Can you spare an hour? In return for your hour of service, you will have access to a network of interesting and dynamic women who are committed to quality service and personal development.

How to Apply

1. Download the application materials:

2. Email the signed manager support and completed member application forms, along with your resume, to DWN​ with attention to president-elect Joy Boggs. Please also email us if you have any questions.

DWN team members
DWN team members from FY13 smile after a successful event.