Learn, Network, Grow – Join DWN in 2016-2017

By Jennifer Roop

Roop headshot

In spring 2012, after nearly two years of working at DePaul, I found myself at a crossroads. I was about to finish my master’s program, which had been keeping me busy and helping me feel more connected to the university. I decided to devote my newfound time to DePaul in a different way, by joining the DePaul Women’s Network (DWN). Now, four years later, I’m still happy to be involved in DWN and I want to encourage other DePaul women to join the Network for our coming service year.

My Journey with DWN

I had been seeing emails from DWN about opportunities, so I decided to apply to a position where I could use my writing and editing skills. I started as a communications co-chair and moved into a director role the next year when we shifted to the structure in place today. My time heading a DWN team helped me gain leadership skills, which helped me grow professionally and move up to a manager position in a new department.

I have met so many different, interesting women through the Network. Each year our recruitment push brings in new faces and ideas that make me energized for what lies ahead. That excitement has inspired me to step up my commitment each successive year. Now, heading into DWN’s 2016-17 service year as president, I’m looking forward to a whole new set of challenges and even more growth.

How DWN Can Help You

Everyone’s experience with DWN is different and can inspire growth on both a personal and professional level. You may want to join to:

  • Learn new skills. Is your regular job in accounting or administration but you want to learn about event planning? Join the Programming team! Would you like to gain managerial skills but you don’t oversee anyone at DePaul? Apply to be a director!
  • Meet women from across the university. While DWN has programs focused on personal and professional development, there is also a fun, social aspect. Being on a team is a great way to connect with women from various departments and roles.
  • Feel more connected to DePaul. DWN members get to plan events that bring the DePaul community together, from faculty forums to our yearly Women of Spirit and Action Awards and High Tea with Saint Louise. As an Employee Resource Group, DWN also works with other groups on university initiatives such as the Diversity and Inclusion Forum.

How You Can Get Started

Once you’re ready to share your time and talents with DWN, applying is easy. All staff and faculty women at DePaul are welcome, whether you’re full- or part-time staff or faculty. You can learn about all of the ways to participate by reviewing our practice areas and positions below.

  • Team Member: You can join as a team member within 1 of 5 areas: Operations, Membership & Engagement, Service & Outreach, Programming, and Marketing & Communications.
  • Director: One director leads each practice area, and all directors meet together monthly to discuss DWN’s overall direction. This year there are open director spots for Operations, Membership & Engagement and Service & Outreach.
  • M@L: If you want to learn about DWN with a lower time commitment, a Member-at-Large position might be for you. Stay tuned, as this option will have a separate sign-up process in fall 2016.

This year, it’s easier than ever to apply: Just fill out the online application, which takes less than 10 minutes. Unlike last year, you don’t need to include a resume or your supervisor’s email (though you should discuss your DWN involvement with them). We want to make joining DWN as easy as possible.

What’s Next?

DWN has grown through the years and is still expanding. I invite you to join and see how the Network can help you learn, network and grow. And if you know a woman in your department or your circle of friends at DePaul who would be interested, please encourage her to join as well! DWN grows most by word of mouth.

DWN recruitment is open until Friday, April 1. Click here to apply now!


Jennifer Roop is the incoming DWN president and the Marketing & Communications Manager in the Department of Housing Services at DePaul.

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