A Night of Wine and Cheese with DWN

R to L: Shenay Bridges, Director of Membership and Engagement for DWN, and Shea Wolfe, President of DWN

By J. Goodrich

The first annual Wine and Cheese Welcome for DWN’s new Members at Large was a complete success. It was my first time in our gorgeous Theater School building as well. The venue was open and welcoming as were those who came to mingle and learn more about the DWN organization.

Roughly half a glass of wine into small talk and snacks, Dr. Jay Braatz was introduced. While Dr. Jay has a resume that I found intimidating, she warmly welcomed new and old members alike to the event. She recalled how the organization started out over a decade ago and was only four or five women in the beginning. While brief because she is on a rowing team (which is obviously very cool), she stressed the importance of community and the opportunity to be part of each other’s lives and professional development.

Dr. Jay Braatz, Vice President for Planning and Presidential Administration

After Dr. Jay’s welcome, I spent most of the evening getting to know a few members I had seen on campus but didn’t know well. (Hi Natalie!) In that beautiful space, surrounded by wildly intelligent and passionate colleagues, I had a hard time processing how fortunate I am to work here, to have the encouragement and support of other women at the university, to attend lovely events with snacks and wine, and to make new adulthood friends across both campuses! My new friends and I shut down the event talking about our educations, our experiences at other institutions, ice skating, and what I can expect to find in the city of an upcoming conference I will be attending. The benefit of this network is so evident at an event like this.

Over all, I would say well done to the Membership and Engagement team for organizing this well-attended and casual networking event. I hope the Members at Large feel as welcomed as I do as a new member.

J. Goodrich is a member of the Marketing & Communications Team for the DePaul Women’s Network, and Facility Project Coordinator  in Housing Services at DePaul.

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