Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

DWN President Joy Boggs
Joy Boggs, DWN President 2013-14

Happy New Year, Network!

When think of all our DePaul Women’s Network has accomplished in our first six months together, I get giddy–no, like downright giddy. We’ve done some extraordinary things, you and I, and did them in short order. Can you imagine that prior to our service year, July 1, 2013, DWN had less than 15 members? Now look at us–we’re over three times the size and our advisory council grew from two to 12 all within a three-month recruitment window.

In my book, tripling your size counts as an amazing accomplishment, and it makes me glad that our phenomenal growth was the first of our many achievements. (Trust me on this, we are racking up a really great list.) Here are some quick highlights of what we’ve done so far:

  1. We deepened our relationship with our sister affinity groups and with the President’s Diversity Council.
  2. We cultivated new partnerships with departments, groups and academic units from across the university.
  3. We diversified our programming and brought in industry leaders to speak on hot topics (remember Connie Lindsey’s speech?).
  4. We delivered value by creating opportunities for DePaul Women to connect and share experiences and best practices.

The old saying is true: Time does fly when you’re having fun. It is my hope that you are having as much fun as I am, if not more, because I’m having the time of my life and I owe my experience to you. The energy and commitment you bring to our Network inspires me to do my all and to finish this year on a high note. Speaking of which, pull out your calendars–you’ll need them:

  1. A Conversation for Leadership (January 31 In-Service): One of the benefits to being a member of the team is our quarterly in-service program. Joining us at our second gathering will be five senior women leaders empaneled who will share parts of their professional story. This is an opportunity not to be missed.
  2. Diversity Showcase (February 25): If you enjoyed the Louise de Marillac Women of Spirit & Action Awards, then mark your calendar for this event. Our Network, in partnership with our sister affinity groups (DPUBLC, LEAD, ELEVATE, and the LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network), will host the President’s Diversity Council’s first ever Diversity Showcase. The showcase will be a morning of meaningful dialogues designed to spark new learning about what it means to be a member of our DePaul family.
  3. Women’s History Month (March): Get ready to celebrate as our Network does something special with a targeted series honoring women of diverse cultures. Stay tuned to social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) for more details.
  4. Calling the Next Generation of Leaders (April): We round into spring with our annual call for new team members. What does it mean to be a member of DWN? For me and the Directorate, membership means that you willingly contribute your time and your talent to shape DWN’s agenda and to execute Network activities. As you know, DWN programs are open to all DePaul Women and sometimes to men as well. The Network welcomes members of our DePaul family; however, membership is an active responsibility. If you are a DePaul Woman, whether faculty or staff, adjunct or part-timer, and are looking to deepen your relationship with DWN, I invite you to learn more about how you can get involved.

We began the 2013-14 service year out with a huge goal, one worthy of our team: Transform the Network. I’m so glad to report that we’ve made great strides to move our Network from an extracurricular activity into a co-curricular project.

Keep up the good work, everyone. I look forward to seeing you at our next event, and I if I don’t see you in person, I hope to see you out on social media.

All the best,


Joy Boggs is President of DePaul Women’s Network for 2013-14 and is Business Manager for the Office of the General Counsel at DePaul University.

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