When DWN Gives Back: A Member Reflects on Service

As the DePaul Women’s Network wraps up our winter clothing drive, DWN Service & Outreach Team Member Lynn Miller was inspired to write about what service means to women in the Network.

LynnMillerAs a part of DWN, I am constantly in awe of the amazing, strong women I find myself surrounded by. These women are purposeful and passionate and are selfless in their willingness to share their knowledge and their time with others. The DWN atmosphere is collaborative and uplifting, and this community of women seeks to channel their influence and their hard work toward something greater than themselves as individuals. That is a mission I can really get behind.

I have been so happy to be a part of one of DWN’s first service partnerships and believe within these types of experiences we can find ourselves embodying the true modern-day Louise spirit. The volunteer opportunities surrounding the St. Vincent de Paul Center’s annual Outreach Luncheon on Nov. 16 are just one way DWN members can share in the goodness of service to others – service that St. Louise de Marillac lived her life for. Louise said, “O my dear Sisters, you know better than I how great is our need to overcome ourselves.”

As the holidays grow near, along with the stressors and chaos of what the season has become, I am truly thankful for the ability to serve and overcome myself. And I look forward to many more opportunities to do so alongside the women of DWN.

To learn more about getting involved with DWN, please visit our website or email DPUWomensNetwork@depaul.edu.

 Lynn Miller is a member of DWN’s Service & Outreach team and is an Academic Advisor for the College of Communication at DePaul University.

3 thoughts on “When DWN Gives Back: A Member Reflects on Service

  1. I really enjoyed spending time with Network members sorting clothes at the St. Vincent DePaul Center. Not only was it a fantastic service opportunity, it was also a great way to get to know each other and foster a true sense of friendship and camaraderie.

    1. I am in eighth year of service to DePaul and working at the center was my first service experience. I feel so much more connected to the Congregation of the Mission, our University, and especially the women of DWN! It was so cool to see such a diverse group of women come together in friendship and service.

  2. I think sometimes we look at volunteering as giving up some of our time but I’ve found it’s really just good use of your time. Loved helping out at St. Vincent DePaul Center last night and bonding with the awesome women of DWN. Thanks for the memories.

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