DWN Membership, Explained

Are you confused about what it means to become a DWN Member? By reading on, you’ll discover 7 answers to 7 of your most frequently asked questions about DWN Membership—just in time to apply to join us for 2013-14!

1. Aren’t I already a member?

We answer this question by explaining the difference between DWN participants and DWN members. Both are avenues for getting involved with DWN and supporting the overall DePaul community.

DWN Participants

DWN events are open to all DePaul faculty and staff (including part-time workers) regardless of gender. Without DWN participants to attend events, we would not have a DePaul Women’s Network.

Participants contribute a great deal to DWN’s success:

  • Participants help keep the network alive by encouraging co-workers to attend events, sharing ideas and perspectives, and completing the DWN event evaluation forms.
  • Participants make networking with women across the university possible.

DWN Members

DWN membership is limited to women faculty and staff. DWN members make up the group of volunteers who help plan and execute DWN events throughout the year. Any woman on DePaul’s faculty or staff is welcome to apply to join DWN as a director or general member within 1 of 6 DWN areas.

2. What are the different DWN areas to which members can contribute?

There are 6 areas of DWN that encourage members to share their strengths:

  1. Programming
  2. Communications
  3. Events
  4. Mission & Service (New for 2013-14)
  5. Outreach (New for 2013-14)
  6. Operations

For detailed descriptions of the 6 DWN areas, review the How to Join DWN page or DWN Area Summaries.

3. What is the difference between a director position and a general member position?

Director Position

The directors help mentor the next generation of DWN leaders. This position requires previous project management and/or supervisor experience. The director manages a team of general members within 1 of the 6 areas of DWN.

General Member Position

A general member is a volunteer on 1 of the 6 DWN areas under the guidance of an area director. When applying for a position, please express at least 2 DWN areas that interest you.

4. What are the benefits of DWN membership?

  • Broaden your professional and personal network
  • Support and contribute to Vision 2018 diversity goals
  • Sharpen your skills and build your resume
  • Join an insanely fun group of women!

5. How long does my membership last?

After being selected to be a member of DWN, you are expected to commit to one year of service to the DePaul Women’s Network: July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

6. How do I apply for a director or general member position?

Review Application Instructions

Submit Your Application

Send the completed Member Application Form and signed Direct Manager Support Form along with your resume to dpuwomensnetwork@depaul.edu with attention to next year’s DWN President, Joy Boggs.

7. What if I am still confused about what it means to be a member?

Applications are being accepted through April 5, 2013 – apply today!

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