11 Favorite Moments from DWN’s Annual Event

Post by Jennifer Leopoldt, Communication and Technology Co-Chair

Thanks to everyone who attended the DePaul Women’s Network Annual Event on March 7! The event was a success, with highlights throughout the day. We couldn’t narrow it down to a Top 10 list, so here are the 11 best moments from the Annual Event (in chronological order).

  1. The event had great attendance from female faculty and staff across DePaul departments. We had 143 people attend the day’s festivities!
  2. DWN President Christine Gallagher Kearney gave her opening statement about how our network has grown. “DWN is blossoming!” she told the audience.
  3. Alison Cuddy’s keynote speech touched on what our university has meant in her life. The arts and culture reporter at WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago Public Radio once was adjunct faculty here. “DePaul was critical in creating some of my own connections to Chicago. … DePaul helped me navigate the path from academia to what I was going to be in my life,” she said.
  4. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Women CEOs told session attendees how active listening can help both the listener and the speaker, because it makes you feel validated. Participants got to break out and practice in small groups.
  5. Own It – Understanding the Power in Owning Your Success: Julie Payne-Kirchmeier from Northwestern University discussed why it’s so hard for women to own our success—notably because we have a fear of failure. She urged participants to remember S.O.S: Sit at the table. Own your space. Share your success.
  6. Women’s Wellness Panel: An experienced panel gave answers to popular myths and facts about their areas of health expertise, from nutrition and fitness to emotional wellness. The panelists discussed habits to pick up (exercising) and stop (smoking, even socially) and reminded participants that no matter how busy life seems, “It’s not selfish to do self care.”
  7. Motherhood Roundtables: In two different breakout sessions, women got to come together for vibrant discussion on various topics of motherhood and career development. An experienced faculty or staff member moderated discussions for those considering motherhood, new to motherhood, experienced mothers, those who decided against motherhood and other groups.
  8. Being an Ally to Transgender People: Katy Weseman, DePaul’s LGBTQA Student Services Coordinator, led attendees in better understanding gender identity and dismantling transphobia. The audience learned tools they could use as allies and discussed professional examples in a constructive environment.
  9. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed a chance to network with other women from different offices and departments around DePaul.
  10. DWN and The Women’s Center co-sponsored a luncheon and panel discussion moderated by DWN President-Elect Joy Boggs. Panelists both in and outside of higher education spoke about “Women’s Journeys: Passion, Purpose and Perseverance.” The panelists were asked, “What advice would you give your younger self?” and replied with thoughtful points about practicing forgiveness, having confidence and reminding yourself that you were born “brilliant and beautiful.”
  11. In the evening, there was a reception and screening of “Band of Sisters,” a movie about Catholic nuns engaged in a lifelong pursuit of social justice. Two of the panelists present were featured in the film, and they talked about their reaction to recent news about the papacy and Rome: “We are the church,” one told attendees.

Check out the photo slideshow below and tell us: What was your favorite part of the Annual Event?

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