A Chat with DWN President (Part II): Mission & Goals

Christine Gallagher Kearney, DWN PresidentDWN Communication & Technology Chair Lark Mills recently sat down with Christine Gallagher Kearney, president of the DePaul Women’s Network for fiscal year 2013 (July 2012 through June 2013). In Part I of the chat, Christine described her path toward becoming this year’s DWN president. In Part II, hear about DWN’s mission and goals for the upcoming year and Christine’s vision for the future:

How does the DWN mission support the DePaul University Vincentian Mission and Values?St. Vincent de Paul

Goals Tied to Vision 2018

When the planning committee board members of FY 2013 met in June, we discussed what was important to us in regard to the university mission. Now, all DWN goals are developed and inspired with DePaul’s mission and the Vision 2018 goals in mind.


We strive to support the DePaul mission by providing networking opportunities for all female faculty and staff, especially the Brown Bag Luncheons. You get to meet and exchange ideas with women you would not get a chance to interact with otherwise.

Lifelong Learning & Service

DWN supports DePaul’s mission to be a lifelong learning institution. By attending events or by joining a planning committee, you are serving the DePaul community. By getting involved, you learn a lot about your own personal and professional development and gain a deeper understanding of the DePaul mission and values.

Women of Spirit and Action Awards

The Annual Women of Spirit and Action Awards are an important a way to recognize the various talents and efforts of women at DePaul. The event speaks to recognizing human potential and what our employees, staff and faculty bring to the institution.

Goal Setting Mind MapWhat are your goals for DWN this year?

Foster Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborating across the university is going to be especially important for the sustainability of DWN. Because we are a volunteer organization and we have the force of 20 women on the planning committee board this year, we have the ability to help other organizations at the university. We are really excited to partner more heavily with the Women’s Center on certain events this year to work together to reach our audience.

Become a Model Women’s Network

DWN can help elevate DePaul at the national level. If we can become a model for how a women’s network can support a university’s diversity effort, then we can present at conferences. Maybe the DWN president two years from now could be a keynote speaker somewhere to help spread our success!

Produce Year-End Reports

If we want to share our success, it is important that we track our progress. Another important goal for this year is to pull all the data from past event evaluations and create an executive report to share with university stakeholders.

Establish Policies & Procedures

We plan to continue to establish our policies and procedures around communication and technology. For example, we have launched a new twitter account and Facebook page in addition to our LinkedIn group. We are enhancing our communication and technology standards so that we can pass information on to the next generation of DWN leaders. Whoever steps into these roles after us will be able to take the reins and move forward instead of having to start from scratch. Again, we are trying to create a sustainable network.

Explore Mentorship Needs

Mentorship has been on people’s minds and has been a consistent interest in our event evaluations. So, our efforts this year are to look at how we can address this need for mentorship in partnership with the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (DWN’s parent department), which has already done research on the issue.

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What do you think of this year’s DWN goals? We welcome you to comment and share our thoughts and idea.

St Vincent dePaul portrait image source: St. Vincent dePaul Image Archive Goal Image source: Money Saving Mom Blog

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