DWN and Women’s Center Workshop Encourages Creative Solutions

Lin Kahn profile photoDePaul Women’s Network’s first event of the academic year will be a special three-day workshop co-hosted with the Women’s Center at DePaul. Lin Kahn, an award-winning artist who teaches in DePaul’s Department of Psychology, will build on last year’s popular DWN Brown Bag luncheon to present Creativity and Adversity: Overcoming Workplace Challenges.

This workshop for DePaul faculty and staff will take participants on a journey to discover how creative skills can help them overcome adversity in the workplace. Visit the DWN website to learn more details or register to reserve your spot for the event, which begins Sept. 25.

We asked Lin about what participants could expect from the workshop. Here’s what she had to say.

You have a background in dance. Do you apply any of the creative lessons you learned through dance to what participants will learn at the workshop? 
Absolutely. I apply creativity in the form of movement for a deeper understanding of the concepts that I’m teaching. It is remarkably effective for individual tailor-made internalizing of ideas in contrast to intellectualizing of ideas that may not be applied and practiced.

What is the most common obstacle to allowing more creativity into our everyday lives?
From teaching many students, I believe a common obstacle is a limited creative self-image and therefore a limited usage of the vast ongoing personal resource available in creativity. There is negative reactivity to problems such as helplessness or blaming instead of an empowering perspective of “how can I access my creativity to transcend this challenge” or “how can we pool our resources to achieve our goal and build our interpersonal strength in the process.”

What are ways you have seen people use creativity to overcome adversity?
I have countless stories of people, including international and inner-city women that are very moving… so many students who activated their creativity through both creative perspective and creative expression. I had a student who transcended extreme adversity as a result of the creativity she uncovered within herself in my class. With new vitality and enhanced self-esteem, she lost 20 pounds, got married and works in the world as a totally new person from the inside out.

Why should people attend the workshop?
I will answer this with a quote from a DePaul student who took my class last Spring Quarter: “Lin Kahn’s ‘Creativity and Adversity’ has been the most influential class I have ever had the pleasure of taking. I took this class for my requirement for the First-Year Program, but I had absolutely no idea that it would make this much of an impact on my life. I have learned so much and it is all so relevant to everyday life. It has truly helped me become more comfortable with my creativity and it has especially helped with understanding my blocks as well. The bonds one builds in this class are indescribable. I feel connected to each of my classmates unlike any other class I have taken at DePaul. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone, all ages, different races, religions and sexes. Everyone needs to take this class. I honestly wish it was a class I could take forever.”

Creativity and Adversity: Overcoming Workplace Challenges will be presented on Sept. 25, Oct. 2 and Oct. 9 at the Loop Campus DePaul Center. Learn more about the workshop or register today. Spots are limited.

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