Top 5 Reasons for Starting DWN Blog

Welcome to the new blog for the DePaul Women’s Network!

Part of DWN’s mission is to connect DePaul University’s female faculty and staff so they can learn from each other and serve as each other’s professional support network. In order better serve this mission, this blog will help spread information about DWN and foster a feeling of community among members. Here are the top five reasons we started this blog:

1. Provide DWN Event Previews & Recaps

DWN has an exciting events planned for fiscal year 2012-13. Check back often to get behind-the-scenes looks at what our events will offer. If you can’t make it to a DWN function, check here after the event to read about it. If you did attend, feel free to post a comment about your experience.

2. Provide DePaul News & Event Info

This blog will feature DePaul news and events outside of DWN that may interest female faculty and staff. For example, we are especially excited to share details of the new designated nursing mother rooms on campus.

3. Explore Professional Development Topics & Women’s Issues

Our professional development posts will coincide with upcoming events and will cover a wide range of topics, such as networking, branding, mentoring, work/life balance and more. We are also open to writing about significant moments in women’s history.

4. Feature Female Spotlights

These posts will highlight accomplished women within and outside of DePaul, such as event speakers, DWN board members, and other DePaul female faculty and staff. Also watch for articles about accomplished female leaders or role models in the news or in women’s history.

5. Encourage Participation

Comments Are Welcome: We want to create an online community for DWN so we can communicate with each other outside of events. We invite you to leave comments here or reach out to us through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Read our commenting policy.)

Guest Bloggers Are Welcome: If you are a DePaul faculty or staff member who would like to write a guest blog post, please contact us at

Thank you for taking the time to read our first official DWN blog post. Please share this blog with fellow DePaul women and don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. We can’t wait to start the year!

Are there any other reasons/goals you think we should include for the new DWN blog? What topics are you most interested in hearing about? Tell us below in the comments.

DWN Communication & Technology Committee
Jennifer Leopoldt, Advancement Communications
Lark Mills, Risk Management
Lynn Safranek, Office of Public Relations and Communications

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